Once upon a time…

You were at a gathering and someone asked, “What do you do?” “What have you been working on lately?”

You did not tell them the tax category of your business, did not share the keywords that closest relate to what you do, and you didn’t describe your tools and your general tasks.

You told them a story. You thought about your work and built a plot line.

When you have a human interaction about your business or profession, you talk about your work and why you do it (explaining the theme of your story.)

Then you build the plot with some highlights of successes and work that you think they will find interesting.

Finally, hoping to hear a bit of their story, you ask the other person, “What do you do?”  In the best moments this leads you to discover ways you can help each other.


Your brand is defined by your story, not by what you make or do. Your professional life has a plotline as surely as you have a bloodline back to your ancestors (who told stories to each other under starlit skies.)

Pixels and Plots is a storytelling company.

We help you to understand, and then to tell your story.

People are bombarded by ads, and numb to big claims and polished scripts. Though branding and marketing are integral to business, they are trigger words that bring up consumer’s defenses.

We build stories that meet consumers’ needs for authenticity, transparency, and connection.
People friendly productions; branding and marketing with personality.

We are as trained in language, history, literature and philosophy as we are in technology.

We look at what you’ve done, talk to you and your team, and identify your brand – the theme of your story – and help you stick to that story in business and marketing.

We cover your story like reporters with event photography and video production.

We produce engaging websites, social media posts, and physical media to pass that story on.


Brand Consultation

Not sure where to start? Perhaps you are already posting media and marketing but it’s not working out like you expected. Let’s talk. Branding is much more than a logo and tagline.

Imagine if the trailer for Star Wars focused on the love story between two characters? People would be disappointed when partway through the movie they realized this was a fantastical action adventure movie rather than a romantic comedy. Many people have similar problems with their marketing, problems solved by proper branding.

Tell us about you, about your work, about your business. With an outsiders perception, we can identify your core brand, the theme of your story. This powerful key will enable you to focus your marketing efforts where they matter, and will be the thread that connects your media and posts building momentum toward your marketing goals.


Event photography.
Professional portraits.
Workplace photos.
Product photography.
Real estate photography.

Whether you need pictures for the web or a billboard, we can help.

We are also flexible and sensitive in how we meet your needs. From discrete and professional event coverage, to personable headshot sessions and product photography performed at your location, we make getting professional photos easy for you.

Video Production

Event videography. 
Classroom video. 
Corporate video. 
Music videos.
Product video.
Drone Video.
Narrative films.

We scale our productions from quick, affordable, social media videos, all the way up to multiple camera event coverage and sets with crews and actors. No matter the size of the production, we don’t compromise on video or audio quality.

Web Design

Excited about your business?
Of course you are!

Excited about building and updating your website… … …
Yeah… :-/

Websites require a diverse set of skills; not only must your website function and look good, it also needs to be secure, load quickly, provide accurate information with proper grammar, and meet multiple standards for different browsers and mobile devices.

At Pixels and Plots we have over 10 years experience building and maintaining websites. Let us help!

Training and Classes

We believe in sharing knowledge and empowering our community.
Luckily, we are seasoned professionals, with over a decade of experience teaching and training others.

From five year olds to 85 year olds, the tech-phobic to the tech-savvy, we have taught all types how to use technology safely and efficiently – helping them to overcome obstacles and find success at their various pursuits.

Sustainable Plots

Do you work to sustain others?

Whether you are working for humans, animals, or the planet, our Sustainable Plots program is here to help you!

If you work in one of the following areas, all of our planning and production services are available at reduced costs.

Sustainable food production
Animal welfare
Natural building
Permaculture installations and training

Don’t see your work above, but think you qualify? Drop us a line!

About Us

Pixels and Plots is located in Central Texas.

We regularly service a wide area ranging from Copperas Cove in the west to College Station in the East, and from Waco in the north to San Marcos in the south, and covering everywhere in between.

Austin – Georgetown – Temple – Belton – Salado – Killeen – Cameron

If you are farther than that… DON’T WORRY! 
We’re available wherever your story takes us!

We’re a people friendly company

We care about our clients, and treat them like humans, not numbers. We prioritize communication, honesty, and clarity. From first contact to contracts, and all the way through to our clear billing and accountability practices, you will know where you stand and what to expect. We pride ourselves on stellar service.

Get in touch directly…